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more on CARSON

Following designer David Carson’s mixed return to magazine work with covers for Little White Lies and Huck, news comes of a new magazine bearing his name. Carson the man will art direct and design each issue of C A R S O N the magazine, with six issues planned for 2011 Whether or not he and editor-in-chief/publisher Alex Storch can create something with the excitement of the early Raygun magazine remains to be seen, but successful or not, one thing this project will not be is dull. A story to follow through 2011.

Returning to his roots

Carson :: a new magazine from David Carson himself?

One more for 2010


Creative Hibernation

Been in creative hibernation returning January 2011 for a great year of blogging and sharing creative/design inspiration. Happy Holidays to all and a great New Year!

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Jaguar = Scaredy Cat?

Another bit of fun with advertising, this is one of BMW’s ads in Spain. Putting a play on the phrase “scaredy cat”, it shows the trademark Jaguar hood ornament running away in fear from a BMW in a face-off.


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