Thursday, April 29, 2010

role of the creative director

history of architecture


X-Ray Photography

Top Five Must Have Graphic Design Books






designing a room @ the ace

xray photographer blog


check it out

Boulder Digital Works from BDW on Vimeo.

last agency on earth

The Last Advertising Agency On Earth from FITC on Vimeo.

transparent auto design

courier = dead

london architecture tour

Concrete Kitchen

A concrete kitchen made of ultra-thin 8 mm concrete, which is sturdy yet light enough. Its heat resistance and food safety make concrete perfectly suitable for kitchens. The manufacturing of it, however, requires a certain know-how and commitment to accuracy.

Great Design-Minded Reading

Five Great Design Tips

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great Brand Insights : Ace Hotel

from psfk:

Engage the Creative Community
Look for imaginative and artistic ideas, and let them help co-create the brand’s authenticity.

Break the Cookie Cutter
Bring distinction into every detail. Originality stands for a lot in consumers’ eyes.

Collaborate with Likeminded Brands
Similar brands build on the strengths and attitudes of each other. Together, they represent a whole experience.

Make Everywhere Feel Local
Local culture brings life to a destination, and makes for a seamless transition in and out of each place.

Tier Your Offerings, But Make Each Special
Varied levels of engagement enhance exploration and encourage aspirations with the brand.

Push Expectations—Set a New Standard
Think ahead of expectations to tailor the experience for greater enjoyment.

More Than a Hotel: Social hub, Meeting Place
Creating a third place for social activity inspires conversation and organic growth to build community.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pretty Cook

fun package design

The boxes are designed to promote recycling and encourage the end user to keep the box. They are covered with puzzles, games, mazes, riddles, quotes and fun characters. They are kraft boxes screen printed with white and green."

experience modern : for cheap : @ the ace

This came in over the wire....

"April isn’t over yet. You can book a room at Ace Palm Springs tonight, Wednesday, or Thursday for $79, and Friday for $89. We’ll also upgrade you for free, based on availability. If you already have a reservation before or after these dates, you can extend it to include these nights.

Call Ace directly at 760.325.9900 and mention code AceDeal2. You can book this deal through April 30th.

As always, we also have cool things going on in the Amigo Room every night. Ranger Joe is hosting a craft night Wednesday with drink specials and free craft supplies. DJ Day and friends spin at ¡ReuniĆ³n! Thursday night, with TNT Taco and Tequila specials from 5pm. Friday, Howie Pyro plays 50’s, 60’s and 70’s soul, rock, and some good surprises. See you there."

iPad and future of magazine design

A great architecture book

Friday, April 23, 2010


Brand Driving Success

Saw this on a site this morning...amazing!
"When Steve Jobs assumed the CEO position at Apple on July 9, 1997 Apple shares cost $3.42 and the company had a market cap of around $3 billion. This week Apple shares hit $266 with a market cap of $241 billion — 80 times larger than it was 13 years ago.  Microsoft shares, in contrast, went from $17.67 to $31 in the same time frame — not even a doubling despite more than $80 billion in share buy-backs by the company.
So what’s going on here, really?  Having known both Steve Jobs andBill Gates for more than 30 years, it comes down to market transitions and the fact that, as Gates explained to me many years ago, “the way to make money in this business is by setting de facto standards.”  And while Windows and Microsoft Office remain the biggest de facto standards of all, Microsoft hasn’t created any new such standards in over a decade while Apple has the iPodiPhone, a resurgent line ofMacintosh computers, a huge retail operation, and dominant market share in music sales."

10 Greenest Buildings

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10 Great Things Great Brands Do

10 Key Learnings
1. Constant innovation and experimentation
2. Re-imagine the world
3. Create the game you want to play
4. Live your brand & teach others about it
5. Build value By sharing Knowledge
6. Align around good
7. React daily
8. Rather than a product to purchase, provide a mentality to buy
9. Present products as stories
10. Partner with Likeminded brands to create improved products & services

What Makes it Green?