Thursday, October 29, 2009

Type / Motion

Art of the Craft : Paper Shoes

Fun Website

Naming Names

Interesting article from the AIGA website about brand naming..

iPhone App meets the big screen

Hillman Curtis in the Moment

The End of Print

Check out the article post here

Type Directors Club

Great resource and inspiration

And now a word about in-house design


Artist Profile : Peter Arkle

I love this guys work. Truly stripped down and honest illustration.

Brand Warriors

You can't hit a homerun with every product. Even Apple misses. Out of the gate Apple TV was a promising venture but never quite lived up the the Apple bar. In terms of brand experience I didn't ever feel I was getting more for my loyalty to the brand. The brand experience of the newly released update finally meets and exceeds the brand experience we all have come to expect from our favorite personal computer brand.

So you want to be an architect?

Modern Camping

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Arch Interview

AD Interviews: Eric Owen Moss from ArchDaily on Vimeo.

Experiential Package Design

Great Advice : Resume as Story

Handwriting as Concept

I get it. Handwriting is cool again. Authentic. Analog in a digital world. But I think this
feature that is up and running on on a magazine article that utilizes handwriting
as a design concept fails because it goes both too far and not far enough. The opener
really just utilizes photography and standard serif typography and the cute display
copy "mercury rising" doesn't really have a connection to the subsequent pages where the
handwriting concept really takes off... There is too much going on in the following spreads and
the handwriting is all over the place and goes overboard.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Space Seller
Interesting story on how a very talented individual uses the art of story to create a narrative for homes looking for a new owner and a fresh start. Always intrigued by how we always tend to lean on "story" to create an authentic
experience for people..