Friday, January 29, 2016

Architecture + Design : Virtual tour of the new LA stadium

City Scape

3D Printed Cityscape -- Pretty sweet!

Painting a plane

Alaska Airlines recently underwent an extensive brand overhaul with Hornall Anderson. One of the more compelling expressions of the new brand was the repainting and design of the actual planes. Check out the cool time lapse presentation.

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Campus Design

I've visited the NIKE campus before on work assignment and have to say that despite being a really designed brand it felt completely dated and not representative of the type of products and branding you'd come to expect. Here comes the announcement of an expansion of the the NIKE HQ and the renderings while interesting also feel a bit lackluster when you think about what they could do to make it a truly inspiring environment. I'm a huge disciple of the CEO and have read many great articles about the different creative approaches they take but the campus design feels like a miss. It all feels very 1980's in not a good vintage type way. It feels like NIKE should be a bit more future-forward. Even Microsoft has some pretty amazing buildings with dynamic interiors and of course there is Apple with the spaceship. NIKE? Hmm....

“Every day at Nike we dream up new ways to inspire athletes to expand their potential,” says Mark Parker, President and CEO, NIKE, Inc. “To do that, we relentlessly evolve how we inspire our own teams and design environments that foster chemistry and collaboration. Our expanding World Headquarters reflects the best of Nike’s culture — a place where we obsess the athlete and invent future products and experiences for consumers everywhere.”

Service Design Explained

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Architecture Design :: Epic Settings

Great products by design are the best advertising

Camera Love :: Poster Design

Love this poster design and the illustrative detail of all
the cameras. This would make a perfect spot on any shutterbug's
wall. A simple black matte frame and you are all set. I provided
the link below there are many places to purchase the 18x24
poster but amazon is the most accessible. 

Designed by Pop Chart Lab (

Bowie by Design

Monday, January 18, 2016

Classic :: Cover Design

Design stirs issues. Design carries stories. Design connects to the past, present and future. This cover from Bloomberg resonates with the Gen X audience brought up with Beavis and Butthead and turns it quite a few notches. Like the contrast of the clean san serif typography against the pixelated computer lettering of MIDLIFE CRISIS. The photograph is spot on not overly perfected but just right. A well executed concept.

Design Your Life

design in film

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

design materials

Editorial Design

I plead guilty when it comes to my favoritism for editorial design. My career really started in editorial and custom publication design in the mid-to-late-90's so you'll often see at least one or two posts per week with some awe-inspiring magazine design work. Good, we have that out of the way now. There is an emerging trend of some of that great design finding its way into more indie titles and editorial "journals" than ever before. This is one of those instances check it out. Illustration + cover design executed with attention to detail.

Obsessed about design

Print Design

Always good to see people doing experimental techniques with respect to traditional printing. Using print and opportunities as a way to convey and hit home a concept is win-win. Lots going on here with this printed piece between foils, emboss, paper selection, etc.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Cabin Porn :: Design :: Architecture

Cabin Porn Book Trailer from Cabin Porn on Vimeo.

Maxon House Blog

We chronicle the entire experience in design and architecture with sharing our collaboration with Olson Kundig (Tom Kundig) in the creation of a private residence for our family. Check out the blog, website and Facebook page

The original documentation began with a featured blog on dwell.com

R.I.P. David Bowie

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Designer Customer Cars

Architecture :: Design :: Nature

One of the better architecture books released lately this one is an amazing hybrid of beautifully crafted modern homes in epic settings across the globe. A celebration of many different styles of modern architecture, any coffee table would be pleased to call this new effort from Rizzoli home. 
It was released in October 2015 but we are thrilled for our copy and the many architects work featured inside will provide hours of page flipping inspiration. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

storytelling :: design :: architecture

I've shared photos and some stories on the blog over the years about our design collaboration and architecture project with Olson Kundig on creation of a private residence. We've created a separate site at that is a curated/designed/storytelling vehicle for sharing the experience, highlighting the people, project and place behind our story. Check out the site and I'll be sharing a bit more as we continue to share stories moving forward.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Magazine Cover Design :: International


McDonalds rolling out new packaging which I'd argue is far worse and a snooze then what they have currently.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Package Design :: Mellow Yellow

Nothing mellow about this bold approach.

Product Design

Kodak 8mm -- product design

Collaboration with Kodak and Fuse Project on design.

Best of Editorial Design :: SPD 50

Editorial design authentically captures story in print and beyond (think mobile, tablets, etc.). Since the beginning of my career I have always kept tabs on and connected back to the Society of Publication Design for inspiration, collaboration with fellow magazine designers and art directors and all the resources provided. The art of mastering magazine design translates to infinite possibilities in the digital and physical realm of design. Selecting typefaces, art directing and commissioning original illustration and photography and creating a visual narrative, pacing, etc. are all elements that are required within various disciplines of design ink, pixels, what-have-you.

The 50th annual of editorial design is available and worth checking out.

Design : Art : Film

TROUBLEMAKERS: THE STORY OF LAND ART - Official Trailer from First Run Features on Vimeo.

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Branding // Identity

Naming and branding design for the new Hotel Eastlund in Portland.

Design :: Architecture :: Glass Bottles Amazing craft and model making skills exhibited in miniature glass bottles with enclosed architectural design.