Thursday, July 30, 2009

Architectural ROI

Boxers and Shorts to Go

Quicksilver pairs up with The Standard to offer their goods via a vending machine. Brilliant partnership. Fun concept. Great distribution method.

Artist Profile

A Lemon is a good Thing
Named one of the top new magazine launches by Mr. Magazine, Dr. Samir Husni
Picked up the print edition today amazingly beautiful print production, paper selection
top notch, photography, design, etc. When a magazine is done just right with all the carefully
curated selections it looks something like Lemon.

Stay Thirsty

The beer brand bringing nontraditional to the masses continues with their high-concept creative.

Simply simplistic

Lego House : 100 Scale

So you like to creatively scrapbook?

Architecture Profile


Trash Talk Wins

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Auto Design : HONDA!?

Let's see how they can integrate this design aesthetic into the Honda Odyssey franchise..


Nice to place third and still make it on the cover of the bicycling bible. A series of illustrations and covers featuring Mr. Livestrong.

Design History

Must-read article

Modern Working Space

Airline Wraps

Monday, July 27, 2009

NPR Rebrand

The new is visually more intriguing with a cnn-esque layout. Easy to navigate but not visually punchy it gets the information across in a relatively seamless fashion.

More Hillman Curtis

Film : Hillman Curtis

Can Design Save Newsapers?

Beer Me

More Apple Tablet Design Talk

iPhone Scanner?

Extreme Architecture

New book out detailing some pretty stunning architectural work in varied landscapes, climates, etc. Some projects that are completely new to me which was cool to see and some projects we've seen scattered thru the media/architectural press over the years.

Auto Design : Prius Coupe coming to US?

National Geographic goes user generated content

National Design Awards

Creators = Owners

In the creative biz we design for others. Folks hire us to help them bring their brands or brands they are hired to manage to life. This interesting fascination with not only developing brands but having an ownership stake in them caught my attention.