Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great Brand Insights : Ace Hotel

from psfk:

Engage the Creative Community
Look for imaginative and artistic ideas, and let them help co-create the brand’s authenticity.

Break the Cookie Cutter
Bring distinction into every detail. Originality stands for a lot in consumers’ eyes.

Collaborate with Likeminded Brands
Similar brands build on the strengths and attitudes of each other. Together, they represent a whole experience.

Make Everywhere Feel Local
Local culture brings life to a destination, and makes for a seamless transition in and out of each place.

Tier Your Offerings, But Make Each Special
Varied levels of engagement enhance exploration and encourage aspirations with the brand.

Push Expectations—Set a New Standard
Think ahead of expectations to tailor the experience for greater enjoyment.

More Than a Hotel: Social hub, Meeting Place
Creating a third place for social activity inspires conversation and organic growth to build community.

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