Saturday, January 7, 2012

Creating Worlds

One of my hobbies since childhood has been model trains. The beauty of growing older is having kids and sharing those memories and passions and passing them along (and your kids letting you do some of the design work still!). These are some shots from an HO-scale set we are building and designing together. A trip to Home Depot, two saw horses, 8x4 sheet of MDF, many accessories from our local train hobby shop, some greenbacks and countless hours later the beginnings of a remarkable little world. Landscaping in scale can be tricky. There is a beauty to the controlled environment but also a delight in the imperfection of all the little details from the handpainted figures, props, etc. The wonder isn't so much in the whisper of the train buzzing around the track but crouching down to the level of this mini scene and seeing things through the perspective of all the different mini figures.

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