Thursday, January 21, 2016

Campus Design

I've visited the NIKE campus before on work assignment and have to say that despite being a really designed brand it felt completely dated and not representative of the type of products and branding you'd come to expect. Here comes the announcement of an expansion of the the NIKE HQ and the renderings while interesting also feel a bit lackluster when you think about what they could do to make it a truly inspiring environment. I'm a huge disciple of the CEO and have read many great articles about the different creative approaches they take but the campus design feels like a miss. It all feels very 1980's in not a good vintage type way. It feels like NIKE should be a bit more future-forward. Even Microsoft has some pretty amazing buildings with dynamic interiors and of course there is Apple with the spaceship. NIKE? Hmm....

“Every day at Nike we dream up new ways to inspire athletes to expand their potential,” says Mark Parker, President and CEO, NIKE, Inc. “To do that, we relentlessly evolve how we inspire our own teams and design environments that foster chemistry and collaboration. Our expanding World Headquarters reflects the best of Nike’s culture — a place where we obsess the athlete and invent future products and experiences for consumers everywhere.”

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