Monday, May 25, 2009

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A must buy from House Industries

L. Cutting Board
Large Ampersand Cutting Board: $110

While most of the House Industries staff could not fathom the sheer volume of cheeses and cured meats that might be heaped upon this generously-sized and sublimely shaped cutting surface, Andy and Rich commented that even their smallest social engagements would employ at least three such cutting boards. Besides, when vegetarians are making the scene (don't they always?), one needs to keep the Humboldt Fog and Lincolnshire Poacher separate from the Culatello di Zibello and Coppa di Parma.

* Made in the USA
* Solid Maple Butcher Block
* Approximately 18" (45cm) x 18" (45cm) x 1.5" (38mm) thick

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